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Meet Yaa Oforiwa Junior Intsiful

Hi, my name is Yaa Oforiwa Junior Intsiful. I am a digital artist, a twin, and, a lover of culture and nature! I grew up in a very supportive home that allowed me to explore my passions, right from when I was a child. After noticing my love for all forms of art, my dad bought me lots of colouring and drawing books to create and keep myself busy with (and also to save the walls from my charcoal illustrations). I also got the chance to explore other media like crayons, coloured chalks, colour pencils, pencils. etc.

In university, a dear friend who has since passed

introduced me to the wonder of digital art and taught me how to illustrate using Photoshop. I fell in love with art all over again and kept at it. My digital work landed me a job with a parental support company right after university. I was thrilled because part of what they did included developing illustrated books for children. I however was tasked with graphic work so I dabbled in that a little bit but kept my passion for illustration burning.

My experience at the parental support company certainly paid off because I’m now a co-founder of Tales from OB and MAK. MAK had the gift of weaving words into the most beautiful stories and OB, the gift of weaving those words into beautiful fantastic pictures. They would send these magic words and pictures across oceans, across galaxies, across milkyways till the whole universe resounded with echoes of 'once upon a magical time.

My love for digital illustration doesn't stop at story books, if you need an illustrator for anything, let’s have a conversation!

I work with Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, TV Paint, etc. I look forward to working with you soon!

Title: Covid Blues

Covid Blues takes you into the home of a low class Ghanaian family of six and exposes how women and the girl child still face discrimination even in a period where everyone is trying hard to stay safe and alive.

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