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The program is targeted at providing female animation students in various colleges who aspire to develop a career in the animation industry with a chance to be placed at various animation studios across the country for internships and National Service Placements. 

This program will not only give students hands-on experience from the studios but they will also acquire strong professional skills and soft skills such as teamwork and communication in the workplace. 

Girls in Animation will provide students with pre-placement training, such as workplace etiquette, communication, and interpersonal skills, among others. 

Applicants will be required to send in their CVs and animation portfolios/ showreels which will be highly scrutinized and shortlisted. We will then present the shortlisted students to partner animation studios across the country to make their selections.

One of the goals of Girls in Animation is to promote gender diversity in the professional space and with this program, young women will have the opportunity to be mentored by highly respected animators to help them grow their skills in animation.

Upon completion of the program, the studios decide whether or not to employ these students once they find their output satisfactory 

In our aim to empower more women, this program will give the students the head start they need in their careers.

Target Group:

All full-time undergraduate / Diploma female animation students who are interested in developing a career in the industry.


Successful Collaborations

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